Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Redemption of Joost

[Note, as Joost prepares to launch a browser-based version of its software, we are going to add a new topic link for all things Joost we come across!]

Joost has the bits of a fabulous distribution technology, but currently it doesn't have the users to back up the early promise (or ... hype) of transforming the TV industry.

Two potential outcomes (but not the only ones):

- Joost launches its browser-based version. The world rejoices. Users flock to high-quality video.
- Joost white labels its software infrastructure and licenses it to existing services that need to cut distribution costs

Joost has a fantastic concept to build upon, and a business model content providers can get excited about. All it needs to do is get users excited and make the case to producers...

A feature article from Portfolio - I Don't Want My Web TV

Internet TV startup Joost, backed by CBS, was supposed to be as big as YouTube. Instead, it's in danger of being squeezed out as the networks scramble for a billion-dollar payday. | Read full article

1 comment:

Angus said...

I enjoyed using Joost when I first downloaded it. But my computer did not have enough juice to run the program smoothly and I had to cut it.

Definitely potential though. If I had a faster laptop I'd be on it for sure. (Seeing as I already use BitTorrent to watch all my TV shows anyway)

PS. We need to grab a beer soon.