Thursday, October 11, 2007

Google Hints at Social Network Plan

From The New York Times - Just days ago, Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s chief executive was warning that social networking may be a fad.

Eric E. Schmidt, Google’s chief executive, is far less dismissive.

“People don’t appreciate how many page views on the Internet are in social networks,” Mr. Schmidt told a group of reporters at the end of its Zeitgeist conference, a two-day gathering of an eclectic mix of Google partners, competitors, social activists and politicians.

Social networks, he said, account for an “enormous proportion” of Internet usage, he added. “It is very real. It’s a very real phenomenon.” | Read full article


kate said...

I can't be the only person worried about privacy issues when Google opens up its social graph, can I?

graham said...

True. I wonder what Facebook et al are doing with my data already? Is resistance futile? I think it is. If the U.S. Federal Government asked people to send it the same info they are publishing on their social networks, etc. they'd flip. Yet we willingly provide this info to anyone online.

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