Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Online radio tops growth in June

From Online Media Daily - RADIO WAS THE TOP-GAINING WEB category in June--up 34% from May to 48.9 million unique monthly visitors, according to comScore MediaMetrix's latest rankings and analysis of U.S. online activity. Yahoo Music led the growth in the category with more than 25 million visitors--up 11%--while AOL Radio rose 11% to 3.2 million visitors, and Disney Music 16% to 1.1. million visitors.

In more good news for Yahoo, it once again led comScore's list as top U.S. online property, with 133 million unique visitors. However, in the ad network rankings, Yahoo moved down from second to third place, falling slightly to flip places with ValueClick, with both reaching 73% of all Americans online. | Read full article

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Anonymous said...

Interesting given the recent royalty smackdown in the U.S.

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