Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Where are the Wiis?

While on vacation in Northern Virginia, I figured it would be a cinch to find a Wii console. After all, the region is full of stores selling consumer electronics. I wasn't prepared to leave empty handed.

After visiting at least 5 stores and calling another 8, I was laughed at by staff at leave 4 times. Their typical response to my question about whether they had a Wii was, "No, we don't have any. We got 10 in last week and people lined up around the block..."

I have heard that Nintendo is playing up the shortage to keep hype around the console at a high pitch. But it could backfire. Do I want a Wii? Hell yes. Am I willing to wait in line or spend $100 more than the retail price to pick one up? Not a chance. At this rate, my Wii envy may disappear in a month or so, to be replaced by the next big thing. Until then, I will still dream of Wii Sports and the fabulous Wiimote.

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