Wednesday, August 1, 2007

MTV/Microsoft Study: Kids Love Technology, Don't Care How It Works

From Media Daily News - WHILE KIDS AND YOUNG ADULTS may be immersed in digital media, there are limits on what they want to know about the technology, according to new research.

A massive study--jointly produced by MTV Networks and Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions--surveyed 18,000 kids ages 8-14 in 16 countries, offering a wide range of results on digital entertainment and communications platforms.

One major finding is that kids are not focused on the detailed workings of the technology itself. It's how technology lets them communicate and be entertained. Only 20% of teens and young adults showed any "interest" in technology.

For the still TV-centric MTV, the study showed promising data for television viewing--59% of kids 8-14 still prefer traditional TV over the computer and the Internet. One major exception is in China, where the study noted that 8-14s prefer online over TV. | Read full article

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