Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Sprint, Google Vow To Make WiMAX Widespread By 2008

From Online Media Daily - SPRINT HAS PARTNERED WITH GOOGLE to create a WiMAX portal that will house Web-based applications, social networking and search--creating an opportunity for marketers to reach consumers with a digital message wherever they are, and on any available device.

In the as-yet unnamed portal, Sprint's high-speed wireless service (which includes location detection) will be combined with Google Apps (including e-mail, chat and calendaring), allowing consumers to browse the Web, buy products on-demand, and stream media on devices ranging from laptops and PDAs to phones and music players.

"This is a play to get Internet access in a very broadband way through a number of different devices," said Peter Cannistra, director of Sprint's mobile broadband business. "WiMAX is being built out for laptops and fixed computers, but we're working to put the chips into wide array of consumer electronics." | Read full article

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